As a child of the early 1980s, our kitchen matched the lovely, leftover styles of the 1970s; the orange, plaid carpet and the olive green appliances.  It was a mishmash of colors as different as the personalities that entered.  I fondly remember the delicious smells and tastes when mom was in charge and pizza boxes if it was dad's turn. 
As a kitchen grows and changes with the times, so does a kitchen.  The carpet has since been replaced with beautiful hardwoods and the appliances are no longer olive green.  The cabinets that hung from the ceiling are no longer there, but neither is grandma getting our drink order ready or grandpa whistling while he ponders his next project.
Instead, we now hear the squeals of little ones playing with their parents; the ones who used to squeal in this home.  Probably not far from now, the hardwoods may be out of style and the appliances may need to be replaced again.  Some family members may leave us, but others join.  However, the kitchen will continue to foster memories for years to come.

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