Mrs. Fry and I dressed up for Math Madness last Thursday in order to use kinesthetic intelligence to teach our students to "be the decimal point" as they slid to the left or the right.  Moving the decimal within the metric system taught our students about capacity as they converted liters to kiloliters or milliliters.  We had a great time (as always) and I am currently working on uploading the video to TeacherTube.  Be patient and I will post the link shortly!

Okay, okay....I understand it doesn't have a lot to do with writing, but I did write a short rap to hook the students (part of it is in the subject of the blog).  I'll try to post the rest later (it's still at school and I am not).

And now, the link!  .....


11/17/2009 17:05

i relly lve this book


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