As I embarrassingly clear my throat, it has now been over a year since my most recent blog post (Much respect to those of my peers who are able to balance their careers, private lives, and their blogs).  I am constantly preaching to others the importance of keeping current with children's literature not only to match readers with interesting titles, but also so that my students see us as readers as well.  As my dad, Dr. Jay, always says, "If you're going to talk the talk, make sure you can walk the walk."  I have now been doing this for years within reading, but have taken a bit of a hiatus with my writing.  Ironic, I know, since this website is designed to display some of my writing.
I am incredibly thankful to both Kate Messner, Gae Polisner, and Jen Vincent taking charge in the initial Teachers Write surge that I recently learned about through Twitter.  Moving forward, I don't know what I will be writing about or exactly what it will look like, but I do now that I will be writing; and that, in itself, will not only improve my teaching, but also positively impact my students.

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