I'm doing pretty well with this whole blog thing.  My most recent post before today was only eight months ago so....maybe I need to work on that.  I had previously written that I was attempting to broaden my horizons as a reader and was planning on diving into fantasy in order to do so.  Turns out, it wasn't really my thing (with the exception of Savvy and Scumble).  However, in doing so I did find a certain type of science fiction that has dominated my reading this year.  I have thoroughly enjoyed dystopian novels involving societies that are attempting to reach a utopian state.  The Giver is quite possibly the most famous example, however I have also enjoyed Among the Hidden, Truesight, Gathering Blue, and Messenger (the last two are companion novels to The Giver).  As often happens with life, it's interesting how one plan which might initially seem unsuccessful takes us down a seperate path of success which we may have not originally intended.


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