So....once again, it's been a while.  On a different website, I was just asked to write a personal description and opted to go with the simple, "Living the dream!"  While they may have been looking for slightly more detail, those three simple words certainly summarize my life.  After closing on a house, getting married, and beginning my sixth year of teaching at an amazing school, I could not be happier.

In other news, I decided this summer to begin branching out to various genres of books after looking at my own personal library and having tons and tons of realistic fiction stare me in the face.  I wanted to do this for a couple of become a more well-rounded reader and to be able to suggest even more titles to my students knowing that I will find something that sparks (or continues) their passion for reading.

That being said, I ventured to fantasy and have enjoyed it so far.  However, after 2.5 weeks with our current class, it sounds as though mysteries may be the popular genre this year.  So, I have a mystery of my solve the mysterious case of the missing mysteries....and put them on my shelf.

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